Experience and Knowledge, On-Call.

With industry leading Automation to speed up your basic configuration tasks, deep and detailed auditing to secure and speed up your network.

Coupled with multi-vendor experienced engineers available when you NEED them, the ION difference sets us apart from the rest.

What is the ION Difference?

What is the ION difference?

Automate your simple tasks with CENOS®

Our in-house proprietary automation system CENOS® makes rudimentary and daily configuration tasks a snap – across every single vendor.

Simply set your parameters and our advanced platform will do the rest, speeding up deployment of changes in cross-vendor setups.

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Optimise your Network with SECURE

Our audits pinpoint every security hole and efficiency gap across every aspect of your network – complete with a detailed path to optimisation.

Planning a large scale Wi-Fi deployment? Our SECURE suite includes Ekahau Pro predictive and post-deployment site surveys.

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Quickly hire an engineer with AGILITY

Whether you are looking for remote hands for 30 minutes or a L3 Engineer to monitor your entire operation for a month – we have the flexible ADHOC services you need.

In many cases our AGILITY team can be available within hours to take care of a fault, finish a dropped project or cover a sick day.

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Procurement and fixed rate contracts

Cut your network engineering costs by 30-40% with our monthly service plans, which include everything we offer - including deep discounts on hardware/license procurement.

Let us be your in-house network team with our comprehensive, real-time software and COMPLETE tool suite.

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Next-Gen Network Automation

Our in-house proprietary automation system CENOS® makes rudimentary and daily configuration tasks a snap - across every single vendor*.

Simply set your parameters and our advanced platform will do the rest, speeding up deployment of changes in cross-vendor setups.
Schedule and automate any command to any
device, regardless of vendor.
Create easy templates to quickly push to your
device, allowing cross-platform coordination
of changes.
Allow complex verification of running services,
including BGP, VLANs, OSPF.
Automate auditing of services between
production and SOT.
Reduce labour and time with repetitive tasks,
such as subscriber management and device
Single front-end dashboard for all devices,
including templates, pending changes and
active actions.
Single, flat-rate, monthly cost.

*ION CENOS® is currently in an ALPHA state. Access is currently invite-only to existing opt-in customers.

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Our expertise, your timeframe

Network engineers are expensive. You might only need them for 30 mins or 4 months.

ION Agility is not just a brand, it's an ethos. Our team are skilled and trained to jump into your network at a moments notice - big or small, vendor x or y.

Whether its optimising your BGP tables or providing advice on building out VDSL networks to high rises, we can work with you to find optimal, cost effective solutions.

Whether we are working on your internal network, or building out a branch site for your client, we can coordinate a response that suits your needs.

Importantly, we understand that your business operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many consultancies want you to work within their timeframe. We know that networks rarely go down during business hours.

Our AH rates and remote monitoring systems allow for manageable and reliable service during outages.

Our technicians and contractors are well placed for quick access to major data centers when an in-person situation arises.

Decades of combined experience across a wide range of equipment and software vendors.

We work with businesses of all sizes and shapes in order to provide profit positive outcomes in networking.

To accomplish this goal we have made partnerships with a wide range of vendors including Cisco, Juniper Networks, Fortinet and Sophos.

These partnerships provide us with unique training, support opportunities as well as deep discounts on hardware and licensing for our customers.

Strong track record of actionable project milestones for customers such as iiNet and NEC

Over the past 10 years of our operation, we have worked with a broad range of customers across an extensive range of projects.

We have built and expanded data centers, aged care networks, designed and scaled up internet service providers as well as built out a wide range of mining branch sites.

Our clients trust us with their designs, core security and their future growth and it is our core mission to exceed expectations.

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Secure your biggest asset

Your staff can be the most critical part of your business, especially when it comes to administering and maintaining your core network. But that relationship can quickly become a liability in the event of a disagreement or redundancy, as disgruntled ex-employees have been known to leave backdoors or concealed accounts in hardware to exploit once they have left the business.

Additionally, changes to core network elements can inadvertently expose vulnerable ports, as can a lack of in place backups for configurations cause massive downtime if there is an attack. ION Secure offers a number of various products and packages that ensure not only a secure network but an efficient and scalable one.


We can run a full security audit on your network systems once critical staff have left your organisation or after an attack/event to ensure it is completely secure.

This will include (but is not limited to):

* Create secure offline and cloud backups of network equipment configurations.

* Audit all network equipment for staff accounts and common passwords

* Audit all firewalls for suspect rules or holes

* Suggest new security rules or procedures going forward


When it comes to BGP, getting things right just doesn’t save time, it saves you money. A lot of money.

One of our customers found that they saved around $10,000 a month based on our optimisation of traffic across their various routes.

Possible service opportunities include:

* Optimise traffic flow over existing links

* Analysis of current traffic profiles to assess peering suitability

* Alternative suppliers in client locations

Wifi Surveys (Predictive/POST)

Performing a site survey is a great way to determine the expected wireless performance post-

With this information, a network administrator can confidently deploy and configure a secure wireless network knowing that the right balance between coverage, performance, and cost
has been achieved.

A site survey performed by ION Secure provides a graphical analysis of the deployment site,
detailing interference from structures and impeding RF sources and providing a comprehensive
predictive study for the most optimal location of all WAPs to meet the data grade requirement of
the site.

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full service, Flat rate

If you need us on the regular, we're your brand new Engineering department.

Our fixed price, fair use COMPLETE retainers allow for flat rate monthly contracts that avoid billable hour bill shock and include everything.

Onsite? Done. Remote? Sure. Audits? Absolutely. We'll even head out to your client residences in your shirts if you want us to.

On top of this, our COMPLETE customers get deep discounts on hardware and licenses, and all the benefits of our other services (including the CENOS Alpha).

Wide range of vendor options from Cisco to Fortinet, Juniper to Ruckus

Full license renewal and customisation services

Competitive pricing across the board

Full after-sale service, including warranty and emergency support

Flat-rate, Fair Use Support Retainers

Bulk discounts on month hourly packages starting from 10hrs/month

Automation, Network Monitoring, Onsite/Remote support INCLUDED

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Our valued clients

We're proud to have worked with these great companies!

Since 2010, io Networks has worked with a wide array of companies across all sectors - from cloud to communications, health to aged care. Our expertise and connections are vast across both vendors and software and are cumulative over decades.

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