io Networks is a provider of outsourced Network Engineering, IT consulting/contracting and equipment. We provide network, systems administration and software development skills for businesses that don’t have the need for a full-time employee, as well as supplying the hardware to keep your network running.

Whether you’re in the business of networking or not, io provides a range of options to suit your needs – from off-site support and scheduled maintenance to remote hands or project work.

We also specialize in on-site support contracts – if you need hands-on at remote sites, client sites – wherever, whenever.

With io, there’s always someone on-call.

The io team specializes in Routing, Switching, VPNs, VoIP, IPv6, Riverbed WAN Optimisation, Linux and Redundancy, but can do so much more.

Contact us TODAY to inquire about our discounted Network Audit package, which includes a plan for optimisation and efficiency improvements.

Given io Networks’ long-standing experience behind highly respected network operations throughout their careers we have been very excited to have them on our side, from design and implementation upgrades, to being ready for future capacity requirements, they have been instrumental.

With James and Craig’s knowledge and experience we have made strides forward with evermore powerful SDN functionality and faster deployments across our Datacentre sites.
We recommend them at every available opportunity.

— Nicholas Meredith, Host Networks

I can’t thank the guys at IO Networks enough for their hard work and attention to detail.

We brought them in to assist with a overhaul of our entire data-centre network spanning 4 sites and completely overhaul it to improve quality and simplify the network.

The guys worked on very short turn around times and met every need, weird edge case and overly complex setup we had, the quality was greater than we expected and the performance gains were better than we could have ever imagined!

— A large MSP (Anonymity for Security)