Building a new RSP on the National Broadband Network

February 22, 2019

Building a new RSP on the NBN in Australia

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a wholesale-only network that provides high-speed internet access to Australian homes and businesses. The NBN offers a range of products and services to Retail Service Providers (RSPs), who then sell them to end customers.

If you are interested in becoming an RSP on the NBN, you need to follow these steps:

1. Contact nbn and sign a Build Agreement and a Supply Agreement. These agreements will outline the terms and conditions of accessing the NBN products and services, as well as the technical and operational requirements.

2. Choose a wholesale provider or a white-label provider to acquire and sell services on the NBN. A wholesale provider is an existing RSP that offers wholesale access to other RSPs, while a white-label provider is a wholesale provider that also offers branding and billing services.

3. Develop your product portfolio and pricing strategy based on the NBN products and services you want to offer. You can choose from different speed tiers, data allowances, voice options, and value-added services.

4. Set up your systems and processes to connect to the NBN network and deliver services to your customers. You will need to integrate with nbn's systems for ordering, provisioning, billing, reporting, and fault management. You will also need to comply with nbn's service standards and performance expectations.

5. Launch your services and market them to your target customers. You can use various channels and strategies to promote your brand and differentiate your offerings from other RSPs. You can also leverage nbn's marketing support and resources to help you reach potential customers.

By building a new RSP on the NBN in Australia, you can tap into a growing market of customers who demand fast, reliable, and affordable internet access. You can also benefit from nbn's test and diagnosis tools that enable you to deliver a brilliant customer experience. However, you will also face challenges such as competition from other RSPs, regulatory compliance, customer retention, and network quality issues.

To succeed as an RSP on the NBN, you need to have a clear vision of your target market, value proposition, and competitive advantage. You also need to have the technical and operational capability to connect to the NBN network and deliver services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

If you are interested in starting your own RSP on NBN, Opticomm or any other network in Australia, we have extensive experience across all of these steps, including the complex sandbox requirements. Contact us for a custom quote.

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