The benefits of Automation: Switching Networks

February 22, 2019

In this blog post, I will discuss the benefits of automating switching networks in the context of network management and optimization. Switching networks are networks that use switches to connect different devices and nodes, such as routers, servers, computers, and phones. Switches are devices that can forward data packets based on their destination address or other criteria.

Automating switching networks means using software or hardware tools to configure, monitor, and control the switches and the network traffic. This can reduce human errors, improve network performance, and save time and resources. Some of the benefits of automating switching networks are:

- Increased reliability: Automation can detect and resolve network issues faster and more accurately than manual intervention. For example, automation can automatically reroute traffic in case of a switch failure or congestion or apply security policies to prevent unauthorized access or attacks.

- Enhanced efficiency: Automation can optimize the network utilization and throughput by adjusting the switch settings and parameters according to the network conditions and demands. For example, automation can dynamically allocate bandwidth, prioritize traffic, or balance load among switches.

- Reduced costs: Automation can lower the operational and maintenance costs of switching networks by reducing the need for human labor, training, and equipment. For example, automation can simplify the network configuration and deployment process, or perform routine tasks such as backups, updates, or audits.

Automating switching networks can provide significant benefits for network managers and operators who want to improve their network performance, reliability, and security. However, automation also requires careful planning, design, and testing to ensure that it meets the network requirements and objectives. In addition, automation should not replace human oversight and intervention completely, but rather complement and support them.

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