We’ve had such a fantastic response to our services in Australia, we figured that our cousins across the ditch might also be interested in our agile, experienced and flexible network engineering services!

So, who are you?

io Networks provides a range of services that are tailored to the needs of diverse organisations. Whether you’re an SME, service provider, carrier,  systems integrator, or small business – if your business relies on its network, we’ve got something for you.

Our outsourced network engineers save you time, money and grief.

If you require an experienced network engineer on-site – to sit with you (currently, remotely via phone or video!) , plan your moves, perform maintenance, work with your staff, and be a part of making your business grow – this is the service you’re looking for.

io‘s In-House plans are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time senior engineer who may sit idle, or an inexperienced junior who takes too long to get things right. There are four options available:

Remote (not too remote!) Hands

We currently offer a standard remote hands product for customers in New Zealand. We are currently gauging demand for smart hands and local engineer support. If there is a project you would like on-land support for, we can arrange for engineers to work on the ground or organise contractors to supply hands.

We are currently growing our NZ contractor base in Auckland and Christchurch, with other locations to come at a later date.

Consulting and Project work

Whether you have a specific deployment to plan, want an area of networking researched, or need another set of eyes to evaluate your network expansion – whatever the project, io can help.

We can arrange to have meetings on-site, liaise with your suppliers, source and order your equipment, evaluate your purchasing arrangements, and even make presentations to your customers.

If you need someone with knowledge and experience to help with your networking requirements, io has you covered. For pricing on a custom job or piece of software, please give us a call or send an email to discuss your requirements.

On- Call Support

io‘s Support plans ensure that an engineer is always available when something goes wrong. For the cost of set-up and a low monthly fee, io will document your network on-site, and then provide on-call support whenever issues arise. We can even monitor your network remotely, to help identify problems before they impact the business.

You can have us attend site, or work remotely – whatever suits.

This service is also ideal for small service providers or offices that find their IT staff aren’t always readily available when needed.

io‘s NetInsurance plans provide a cost-effective support solution that won’t blow your IT budget – but will ensure that you aren’t caught without on-call assistance. The pricing is simple – subscribe, and any hours you subscribe for are cheaper.

Contact us TODAY to inquire about our discounted Network Audit package, which includes a plan for optimization and efficiency improvements.