Are you looking to take better advantage of your transit and peering links?

When it comes to BGP, getting things right just doesn’t save time, it saves you money. A lot of money. One of our customers found that they saved around $10,000 a month based on our optimisation of traffic across their various routes.

With more customers accessing cloud and streaming services, where the large majority of traffic can stay on intra-city links or domestic links, providers can avoid using expensive ip transit services and instead take advantage of significantly less expensive peering arrangements.

There are new peers and interconnects in all capital cities coming online every month, and io Networks is well placed with extensive knowledge of the national peering and transit networks. We can ensure that your networks are taking full advantage of available POIs and efficiently routing packets to the right places.

Possible service opportunities include:

  • Optimise traffic flow over existing links
  • Analysis of current traffic profiles to assess peering suitability
  • Alternative suppliers in client locations

Contact us TODAY to inquire about our discounted Network Audit package, which includes a plan for optimisation and efficiency improvements.