Next-Gen Network Automation

Our in-house proprietary automation system CENOS® makes rudimentary and daily configuration tasks a snap - across every single vendor*.

Simply set your parameters and our advanced platform will do the rest, speeding up deployment of changes in cross-vendor setups.

*Software is currently in Alpha Form. Not all features are currently available.

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Manually setting up commands via CLI or web interface, per device, per vendor software.
Schedule and automate any command to any device, regardless of vendor.
Creating and storing dozens of custom, insecure configuration samples for simple changes and updates.
Create easy templates to quickly push to your device, allowing cross-platform coordination of changes.
Complex logging and reporting requirements, along with plenty of man hours to monitor services.
Allow complex verification of running services, including BGP, VLANs, OSPF.
Manual regular auditing of device services on live and production systems.
Automate auditing of services between production and SOT.
Juggling multiple dashboards, web interfaces and CLIs to manage devices across different vendors.
Single front-end dashboard for all devices, including templates, pending changes and active actions.
Manual configuration of small daily and weekly tasks.
Reduce labour and time with repetitive tasks, such as subscriber management and device addition.

CENOS® is currently in Alpha

Our software is still in active development, so access is currently restricted to our existing client base for zero cost while we work out bugs and carefully implement new features..

If you are interested in a ION Complete Retainer and would like to be involved in Alpha releases of CENOS®, please get in contact with us for more details.

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