About Us
We're an agile and experienced Australian team, looking to help fill the gap when it comes to Network Engineering and consulting.

For the past 10 years, we have helped small, medium and large businesses as a leading provider of network engineering and automation solutions in Australia. With over 10 years of experience and specialisations in BGP, Switching Routing, Network Design, Auditing, Enterprise Wi-fi Network Automation and Optimisation, our team can handle any network challenge with agility and efficiency.

Our two senior staff network engineers are assisted by our core sales and admin team, and our work has crossed different sectors (including aged care, mining, communications and more) and vendors to deliver customised and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Whether it is a simple configuration task or a complex network audit, the io Networks team can leverage their proprietary automation system CENOS® and their deep and detailed auditing toolset via SECURE to speed up and protect network performance.

Our focus is a commitment to innovation and excellence in network engineering and automation, as well as dedication to our clients and their needs. We have spent the last decade working across a wide range of use-cases, including RSP creation, datacenter buildouts, GPON design and rollouts, and Wi-Fi auditing. Our custom quotes mean every single client has a solution built to their budget, timeframe and performance benchmark.

Our Core Team

Our senior engineering and leadership team are split between our Brisbane and Sydney offices, with other staff working remotely in Melbourne. We also have a wide team of trusted and trained contractors.

Craig Askings

Craig is the Director and Co-Founder of io Networks, as well as its Senior Engineer. He has been working in the industry for almost all of his adult life, and specialises in WAN, GPON, BGP and Network Design.

James Pinnell

James is the Senior Accounts and Sales Manager for io Networks. He has been working in the service IT industry for two decades and specialises in Project Management, Pre-Sales, Vendor Partnerships and customer relations.

Kevin Crick

Kevin is our Sydney Senior Engineer. Originally from South Africa, Kevin has decades of industry experience and specialises in Cisco/Meraki, Juniper Networks, NetElastic, BGP and Network Automation.


Our Specialities

We work with many clients as a Level 3 expetition team, allowing them to focus on day-to-day business while we jump in to put out fires (whether on-site or remotely). Our ADHOC availability can be as quick as hours from event.
Planning on building a Network-centric business? We can assist you with planning, scaling, build outs and even client packages. Whether NBN, Opticomm or private network, we can provide full project strategy services.
Our internal software tools allow us to manage multiple networks across various clients, regardless of vendor makeup. We can respond immediately to Severity 1 events with little to no local hardware required.
Our in-house proprietary automation system CENOS® makes rudimentary and daily configuration tasks a snap - across every single vendor*. Simply set your parameters and our advanced platform will do the rest, speeding up deployment of changes in cross-vendor setups.
We have a wide vendor partnership network, including Juniper, Cisco/Meraki, Watchguard, Fortinet, Arista and many more. We can manage your hardware and license upgrades and provide full after-sales support, regardless of contract.
From full network audits to Net Flow and Wi-Fi heatmaps, we can provide internal and external auditing with complete reports including problems, solutions and recommendations for upgrades or optimisations.
Build, Expand and Secure your Network. Grow your business.
io Networks has a decade of experience in everything networks. We can build a custom solution for any problem, to fit your budget and your timeframe.

Let us help grow your business.
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