Looking to increase your product offerings around private network services to your clients?

When it comes to utilising your network to provide the largest number of potential profit making services, finding and developing products within your current network infrastructure is key. Alternatively, if your network is not your product, increasing efficiencies and optimisation is also possible thanks to the removal of spanning tree enabling faster recovery from critical faults.

Utilising MPLS on compatible hardware offers the ability to reduce overheads, widen the scope of private L2 networks for clients, and reduce time lost to attack recovery. io Networks also has strong partner agreements with all major equipment vendors, from Juniper to Cisco to Brocade, providing an end-to-end forklift upgrade if required.

Possible benefits and services include:

  • Add higher value services to your network with low to no capex
  • Provide private networks for your clients
  • Enable point to point links
  • Quicker failover during network device or link failures.
  • Remove spanning tree from the core of the network to increase uptime and available bandwidth.

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